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Discover the art of perfumery

You care deeply about what goes into your homes and our products, and we love sharing the details with you. So in keeping with our previous transparency on our wax and fragrance, we've been dreaming about sharing something else significant that you don't get to see (or sniff) every day.

We have asked master perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel, to do something uncommon and to disclose a few of the detailed formulae of our scents. Our intention is to raise the appreciation of scent design, to show how much complexity, quality and precision goes into an accomplished scent composition. We hope you'll feel one step closer, after our previous article on naturals and molecules, to what it takes to make a beautiful scent.

Click the candles below to reveal their mystery!
(It is all there, yet the magic will remain when you smell vs. read!)

Importance legal disclaimer note: Formula disclosure is performed with full support of our perfumer and with the sole purpose of providing educational and informative examples. IT IS IN NO WAY A CALL FOR PERFUMERS TO DISCLOSE ALL FORMULAS. OLFACTORY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, FORMULAS AND OTHER SCENT COMPOSITIONS ARE POORLY PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS AROUND THE WORLD INCLUDING IN THE USA. THUS THEY ARE HELD AS TRADE SECRETS. In releasing the formulae for our fragrances, we reserve the right to legally challenege anyone who is suspected of infringing on the work of our perfumer.