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Last year, we had an idea: what if we could make Black Friday a little brighter?

Bright Friday!

Every dollar you spend today has double the impact when you shop from these brands that give back.

Bright Friday Pledges


Candles made better

Keap works closely with their friends at SolarAid to create a solar revolution: every candle sold supports the distribution of solar lamps to communities in need through their Buy a Candle, Light a Home program.

On Bright Friday, Keap will double the amount set aside for SolarAid on each sale.

Public Supply

Quality Stationery Supplies

Public - Supply channels 25% of profits from every sale to a teacher in a high-need classroom who will use the money for a project that drives creativity, whether students are painting, acting, singing, writing, or coding.

On Bright Friday, Public Supply will double the amount per sale that is channeled towards supporting creative arts programs.

Peet Rivko

Plant-based Skincare

Peet Rivko is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates one percent of all sales to local environmental nonprofits with a focus on clean water and land preservation efforts.

On Bright Friday, Peet Rivko will donate 20% of all sales to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).


Premium Hand Soap

Soapply funds water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) initiatives with a portion of every sale. All impact is currently focused in Ethiopia where they support a local organization with a 30 year presence.

On Bright Friday, Soappy will double the donations it provides to support water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives around the world.


Ethically Made Womenswear

For every Rallier piece sold, school uniforms are given to schoolgirls in regions plagued by gender inequality, through its non-profit partner Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) in Kenya.

On Bright Friday, Rallier will double their current commitment to SHOFCO.

What is Bright Friday?

Thanksgiving is a time of sharing and gifting, of breaking bread with family and friends. Yet the very next day has become notorious for its displays of competitive consumerism.

That is why we’ve partnered with some of our favorite independent brands that share that belief to continue a tradition we like to call Bright Friday. On Friday, November 24th, shop with any of the brands listed above and the charitable donation from your purchase will go even further than usual.

A movement begun in 2016, it’s a chance to turn the biggest shopping day of the year into the day of the year which does the most good.

All of the companies taking part in Bright Friday support a unique cause, whether it’s supporting the creative arts or solutions to environmental degradation.

Go shopping and feel proud!

How to get involved