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Buying nice things can be good for the planet!

Our footprint as consumers (and as candle makers) extends beyond our products, to how they are packaged. Our goal isn’t just to reduce the harm we do to the world, but to create a truly positive impact—where each candle we produce makes the world slightly better. It’s an extremely high bar but we believe it’s possible—and we are working towards it, step by step.

Here is what we are already achieving, thanks to your support.


Using post-consumer waste in production can be beneficial vs producing from scratch. Our glassware uses 30% waste glass in its production, while many of our paper products contain post-consumer waste. We work with suppliers that hold sustainability as highly as us, and keep looking to optimize the credentials of our papers and inks.


We avoid plastic packaging across the board since it doesn't break down in the environment—currently our static cling labels are the exception (we’re working on it).

We are pioneers of the use of Ecovative's Mushroom® packaging, a new bio-foam base, for our subscription packaging. It is a ground-breaking material that can solve the plastic waste crisis, and one we are delighted to support and popularize.

It is 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. You can drop it in a compost bin or use it as food for your plants. Note: don’t put it in the recycling bin!


We designed our candleholders to be easy to repurpose as drinking glasses—we use no adhesives so the labels and wicks are easy to remove. For tips on cleaning out your candle, visit

We think you'll agree that our packaging—from shipping boxes to gift boxes—is beautiful. We hope this will encourage you to hold onto it for storing papers, trinkets or whatever takes your fancy. If not, please recycle accordingly!

DESIGN FOR 500 years

Overall, we believe it’s a company’s responsibility to make sure that its products are delightful, but also healthy and sustainable. That’s why our design process incorporates both how our raw materials are made, as well as what happens to our products once they are used.

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