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Behind the business: Pricing our candles

We recently changed the pricing on our site. In short, where single candles were $28 they're now $35. We thought we'd explain why we made the change, and how we came to our decision.


We started Keap to make a better candle that didn't cost any more than it should have to; it's why we sell online to cut out wholesale middlemen, and keep prices fair. 


A challenge of selling online is shipping. Unless you're Amazon, it's a very real cost to any business. Unfortunately candles are particularly disadvantaged in this department as they are heavy, dense objects, and so cost a large amount to ship. Even with our negotiated shipping rates, shipping a single candle tends to cost $6-8 depending on the location it's going to. A single candle used to cost $35 when you added shipping.


So we decided to integrate free shipping into our product price to better reflect the cost of buying a Keap candle, and remove the unexpected surprise at checkout. So shipping is now free throughout our site, and the total price of a candle plus shipping is unchanged.


For those who join our subscription, we've been able to maintain the price to $28 per month for one candle with free shipping (plus goodies). This reflects a better price than we can typically manage since you'll be receiving Keap candles regularly.

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