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An Upcoming Change to our Scent Offering: What It Means for You


We wanted to let our community know about upcoming changes to how and when different scents in our collection will be available after March 30th.

In short:

  • We will only be offering Wood Cabin and the Seasonal Scent as subscription options. 
  • For non-subscribers, only Wood Cabin will continue to be available year-round. 
  • At the end of each month, our seasonal scent will be available for purchase to our email newsletter readers.
Illustration of a Keap Candle

Without context, this might seem like a strange announcement! It is the biggest change we’ve ever made to our offering, and it isn’t a decision we take lightly. The change reflects the lessons we learned about ourselves in 2022 and a commitment to prioritize investments in our product (including new scents), experience, team, and planet.

If you’re curious to learn more about why we are making these changes, I wrote another piece explaining the practical and philosophical underpinnings of this decision. In summary, the change is necessary for Keap to be viable and thrive. We firmly believe that it will ultimately lead to major improvements in our offerings. 

Here are the key things to know


If you regularly buy or subscribe to Wood Cabin, nothing is changing for you. That’s it. You can go back to what you were doing. Still, you might find the below changes interesting, especially if you are partial to some of our other scents.

If you subscribe to our monthly Seasonal Scent, nothing is changing for you either. Starting in April, seasonal scents will initially be available only to our candle subscribers. Subscribers will also get a chance to stock up on the seasonal scent at the end of the month before it runs out. 

If we have remaining stock after the subscriber-exclusive sale, we’ll make it available to our newsletter readers. (If you’re not yet on our email newsletter, you can join here.)

If you are currently subscribed to a different scent, we will be following up with you individually. The default option will be to switch your subscription to Seasonal Scent starting in April. We'll help you understand your options and adjust your account accordingly.

We will be offering a new wallet-friendly way to purchase our candles. *As part of this transition, we will begin offering a packaging-light 6-pack at $39.50 / candle. We know many folks were keen for us to offer something at a lower price point, and we’re delighted to start offering this new way to get a lot of value! Candle subscribers will be able to apply their 10% discount to this new format.

*May 2023 update: we've encountered some obstacles in making sure our new light-format is sufficiently sturdy to get the candles to their destination in one piece. We now expect to have those issues resolved and launch in late Summer.

Later this month we will hold a last-chance sale for all our scents before this switch! We have a little bit of inventory available across our 12 scents. So if you have a favorite scent and want to make absolutely sure you don’t have to wait months to get more, this is the time to stock up.

Exceptionally, our four subscriber-only limited edition scents (Canyons, Isle of Jasmine, Hot Springs, and Reading Room) will also be available for purchase on our website while supplies last.

As always, feel free to email us at with any questions.

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