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Tumbler Reuse: Summer/Fall 2021

We put together a quick and easy guide with steps you can follow to re-use any candle glass, and now we're sharing some fun things to do with your new collection of tumblers.

How do you re-use your Keap candleholder? Share a photo with us via email ( and we'll send you $10 store credit! 

Below are some recent re-use examples from Keapers in Spring 2021!

My 7yr old had a family project this weekend - to turn a styrofoam pumpkin into a story book character. So we bent the rules a bit and made a hot air balloon carrying her favorite character - Madeline! Our Keap candle box was the PERFECT balloon basket!

Keap artwork and matchbox reuse 💞

We started using our Keep candle tumblers to hold frozen treats for the dogs (Riley and Phoebe)! The glasses are the perfect size to hold a kong toy stuffed with frozen treats - great summer enrichment for dogs!


P.S. to see other Tumbler ReUse ideas head to our archive of past ReUse posts.

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