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Tumbler Reuse Stories: Fall Winter 2022

Curious about ways to re-use your candle tumbler? Take a look at some of the inspiring ways folks have used their glasses this season.🌲 

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In case you missed it, here is a quick and easy guide with steps on how to clean and re-use your glass. If you're looking for further inspiration, check out our monthly cocktail recipes

Perfect way to store cotton swabs and rounds!

Cheers to a pair of beautiful new cocktail glasses!

This Keaper decided to use their tumblers for storing cotton rounds and reusable washcloths. 💕

The Northlands candle and a delicious beverage make an excellent pairing. (image credit: Food52)

This new spider plant looks quite happy in it's new glass home. 🌱

This Keaper shared, "This is THE perfect glass for my nighttime whiskey before bed (sometimes with ice cream)."🍨 

P.S. to see other past ReUse ideas, head over to our archive of ReUse posts.

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