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Tumbler ReUse: Smart + Sleek Storage

We put together a quick and easy guide with steps you can follow to re-use any candle glass, and now we're sharing some fun things to do with your new collection of tumblers.

This month’s tumbler reuse was inspired by the need to consolidate my makeup. The average NYC bathroom doesn’t leave much room for space, so getting creative and using every inch of space is a must.

I decided to upcycle my Keap tumblers by turning them into makeup organizers. Getting ready in the morning is much faster when you can find exactly what you need, and knowing what you already have keeps you from purchasing duplicates.

So far this method has helped maintain clear counter space, the tumblers keep everything in its place and has greatly reduced clutter. Consider filling your empty glasses with cotton balls, makeup, hair ties, even makeup brushes. (This is also where I store my emergency Waves candle.)

Do you use your tumblers to store your cosmetics or toiletries?


Yasmine from Keap

P.S. to see other Tumbler ReUse ideas head to our archive of past ReUse posts.


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