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The Perfect Scent for Every Room in Your Home

Close your eyes for a moment. Breathe deep and think of something that makes you happy. Is it summer bonfires, winter wanderings in the woods, or hazy-days spent at the beach? Whatever it is, all it takes is a familiar smell to take you back there. It turns out that our sense of smell is directly tied to brain areas connected with memory and emotion.

With more people than ever living in small, rented, urban apartments, consider how the right scent can bring familiarity or renewal to any room. Fragrance expert Rayda Vega suggests we, “think of [scent] like music”, adding character and depth to each space. So with harmony in mind, we've considered what fragrant notes can work well in different spaces—we hope this guide sparks your scent imagination.

Your Entryway

First impressions matter! When guests enter your home one of the first things they will notice is the smell. Make it something welcoming with woody, warm aromas—look out for scent notes like cedarwood, oud, patchouli, and leather. (Similar from the Keap range: Wood Cabin) You can also try picking scents to match the seasons. (Similar from the Keap range: The Seasonal Subscription). Think lighter, fresher scents for spring and summer, diving into spices, woods and musks for fall and winter.

Your Living Room

A refreshing and comfortable scent is a good way to go in the living room—something that you enjoy being around for long periods of time. Try a subtle and familiar floral or herbaceous aroma like cotton, geranium, or rose. (Similar from the Keap range: Cotton Magnolia).

Your Dining Room

The smell of a dining room is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, you don’t want to cover up the smell of a delicious meal on the table. On the other hand, once the meal is done you don’t want a food smell to linger. Aim for something that fits the food scene—herbs, spices or citruses are good bets—to keep things fresh. (Similar from the Keap range: Grapefruit & Yuzu).


Your Kitchen

Scent can be a perfect way to tackle lingering food smells. Citrus scents are great for cutting through cooking odors, as well as the potential upside of refreshing and calming the cook. Bright and mouth-watering scents based on garden herbs or vegetables (think, tomato vine) provide equal complement to a chef hard at work. (Similar from the Keap range: Green Market).

Your Bathroom

A bathroom should be a sanctuary, no matter how small. Using scents favored by spas can immediately bring peace and calm memories to mind. Blends of dry woods, herbs and citrus fruits are favored by many.  Adding fresh elements from your local flower market—pine, rose petals, and citrus peels—is an all-natural way to go. (Similar from the Keap range: Hot Springs).


Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of relaxation; human beings spend ⅓ of their lives asleep! Lavender is an ideal scent—prized for its ability to calm and clear the mind. Other light floral tones can also create an ambient feel: jasmine is another popular choice. For romantic occasions, try something a little richer—creamy notes like sandalwood, or musky scents can help, ahem, keep the fire burning. (Similar from the Keap range: Wild Figs).


When Away From Home

Don’t limit the power of scent to home only! Take your favorite candles to work to boost concentration or on a trip to help you wind down. Whatever the mood, there’s a scent—and a candle to match. (You can shop Keap Candles by scent).


In Sum

We hope that this has sparked your aromatic imagination! The right scent can transform any space into a truly warm and comforting place to call home.

If you can’t wait to start your scent journey, then check out our candle subscription—have candles delivered throughout the year, in keeping with the seasons. No matter which candles you choose, we know they will help you transform your house into home, and we wish you well.

The Keap Team