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Studio Series

The Keap 2019
B Corp Gift Guide


Now is the perfect time to remind ourselves how much voting power we hold in our wallets. The dollars we spend allow us to #VoteEveryDay. Those companies we collectively support and vote for through our purchases are the ones that grow and prosper. 

In our first-ever Keap Gift Guide, we’re excited to share some fellow B Corps—from notebooks to chocolate truffles—you can vote for to create a brighter future. These are all companies we know and vouch for personally, and we often recommend them to our own friends and family.

Without further ado:

Public Supply —

For The Caringly Creative

The What

Our Brooklyn neighbors Public Supply make stunning notebooks. Working with artists, unusual materials and a gracefully modern aesthetic, they create noteworthy items that encourage creative pursuits and personal rituals.

The Why

Public Supply do all this in support of the arts in public schools. They wish to see more students able to engage in creative pursuits—from writing and painting to singing and dancing—because creativity creates more engaged classrooms and students. To this end, Public - Supply is a for-profit company that channels 25% of net profits to high need classrooms focused on creativity. 

The Gift

We love their soft-to-touch velvet notebook collection. Its sleek and textured appearance makes the notebook not only standout in a crowd, but also feel fittingly festive at this warm and cozy time of year. It’s a great gift for someone with pent up creative flair who also needs a warm hug.

Shop Public—Supply


Alter Eco —

For The Thoughtfully Indulgent

The What

Alter Eco make deliriously delicious chocolates. Just thinking about their soft, melt-in-the-middle truffles triggers in us an almost Pavlovian response to buy them. You have been warned.

The Why

Alter Eco exist to create a full-circle approach to eating, farming, and doing business. 

In addition to making mouthwatering chocolate, they also invest in better working conditions for their farmers, caring for the land they use and eliminating waste. In 2013, they became the first candy company to use compostable wrappers to wrap their truffles. 

To learn more about their full-circle approach to sustainability, see their story here.

The Gift

You can’t really go wrong with their products, but we have a particular soft spot for their soft-centered truffles, and the extra dark ones at that. The satisfying crack of the exterior, followed by the smooth, soft center that melts with a cool effect on the tongue—few things are more festive than indulging in a box or two of these delights.

Shop Alter Eco


Klean Kanteen —

For The Caffeinated Wanderer

The What

Klean Kanteen specializes in rugged yet stylish reusable containers—think a sleek stainless steel water bottle or colorful coffee mug. Their containers can keep any hot or cold drink at exactly the temperature you like. 

The Why

Klean Kanteen was started in 2004 with  a very clear mission to find a safe and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Today, they have an ever-expanding assortment of products designed to reduce single-use waste of all kinds.

The Gift

If you know someone who is always on the go (often with a coffee cup or water bottle in hand), then a Klean Kanteen will be their new best friend. We love Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel Reflect bottle: it was intentionally made without any plastics or paint, formed instead of just steel and bamboo. It both looks magnificent and  keeps your drinks hot or cold all day. What more could you ask for?

Shop Klean Kanteen


Full Circle Home —

For The Waste-Free Home

The What

Full Circle specializes in beautiful and functional products to take care of your home, from cleaning and drying to composting and storing. They turn items that every home needs into design pieces everyone wants.

The Why

Full Circle want to ensure you can safely take care of your home while also taking care of the planet. Their products are designed to preserve resources and reduce waste, while creating long-lasting products from safe materials.

The Gift

They have so many brilliant products, but we particularly love their bubble-up soap dispenser as an elegant and eco-efficient gift option. A bamboo brush sits snugly inside a soap-dispensing ceramic base that creates lush suds and stores neatly on the counter. Sink nirvana!

Shop Full Circle Home


Dr. Bronner's —

For cleansing the body and nourishing the soul

The What

Dr. Bronner’s is certainly the largest and best known business in this list. They have been purveying their natural soaps since 1948! You have likely seen their colorful and iconic bottles in the cleaning aisle of your local health-focused grocery store.

The Why

Dr. Bronner’s do business in a radically inclusive manner, summed up well by their motto, “We are All-One or None!” They treat their staff, customers, suppliers and the world with equal respect. We particularly love that they own and operate their own organic and fair trade certified coconut and palm farms. This ensures that the oils they use in their soaps help create healthier natural ecosystems, instead of deforestation.

The Gift

We suggest sticking with the classic Pure Castile Soap.It comes in unscented as well as a variety of scents (all derived from essential oils). Harry swears by their Lavender—and you could say he’s pretty picky on his Lavender! If you can’t decide on a scent, they recently created a Mini Castile Gift Set with their four favorite scents.

Shop Dr Bronner's


Happy Gifting and Happy Holidays!

— The Keap Team

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