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Phillumeny is a word you should know

A brief history of matchboxes and why they’re so collectible.

Keap Features are a chance for us to delve deeper into a topic that fascinates us. We hope you find them illuminating as we do!   You may have noticed that we're quite keen on matchboxes here at Keap. They’re a graphic designer’s dream with their unique petite format, versatility and evocations of romantic nostalgia. They're also a small wonder when you consider it took man nearly a million years to create a portable form of fire. Finally, they serve as a remarkable historical artifact of the evolution of communications in the...

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Ignite Series 005: Mera McGrew

We sat down with Mera McGrew of Soapply to talk soap and social-impact.

Fragrance Transparency: The incredible artistry behind the creation of a fragrance.

Discover the formula of a fragrance and uncover the art of perfumery as we go behind the formula and creation of a scent.