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Ignite Series 007: Larissa Begault

We discuss designing cities and spaces that work with architect Larissa Begault.

The Ignite Series is a monthly interview of an artist, creator, or community organizer whose passion has inspired us. In honor of its subject, we create a collectible piece of matchbox art for our subscribers.   A native of Belgium and an architect by training, Larissa Begault has devoted her career to better understanding how the design of public spaces impacts how a city works for people and the environment. Her research has been focused on New York City, but has taken her across the world, including Chile and Cuba....

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Ignite Series 006: Eben Bayer

We sat down with Eben Bayer of Ecovative to discuss harnessing the power of nature.

Ignite Series 005: Mera McGrew

We sat down with Mera McGrew of Soapply to talk soap and social-impact.