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The Matchbook

Stories from the Keap studio

A fresh way to try our new scents

With four new fragrances, a fresh way to try them all.

Launching a new Scent-to-Home We started Keap on a mission to make better candles: great scents, clean design, and using the purest, most sustainable materials possible. In 2016 we imagined how we could overcome the online scent barrier with more than just words and images, and launched Scent-to-Home—a discovery set of four tealight candles in each of our signature launch fragrances. Since then we've been hard at work on four new scents, which brought us a new challenge: how do we make this growing range of scents available in an equally fun, simple way?...

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Tips to make you a candle pro

Here are some tips  to get the most out of your candles

What is coconut wax?

What's the difference between coconut wax vs coconut oil?