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Regenerative Palm Wax: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our ecologically restorative palm wax.

This wax was developed in partnership with Natural Habitats, who support the growth and production of organic oil palms in Ecuador. They are pioneers in implementing farming methods that regenerate and sustain healthy, diverse ecosystems. Their farms have gained the most stringent certifications associated with healthy farming practices — from organic and Fair Trade to Non-GMO and Fair for Life (the highest bar of Fair Trade certification).


Lush palm farms in Ecuador; Natural Habitats

With this change, you might have some questions or notice some changes with your candles. For those curious about what to expect, we’ve included a short set of questions and answers below.

Can you tell me more about how palm oil can be farmed regeneratively?

We're aware this is a critical concern, and have researched this topic deeply to provide a rigorous answer. This story covers the past, present, and future of the palm oil industry. We hope this answers your questions, but please feel free to get in touch if not.

Can you tell me more about Natural Habitats?

Absolutely! This story covers how we came to know Natural Habitats and how they work to create regenerative outcomes with their farmers.

Will the new wax affect the candles in any way?

In short, it will not meaningfully impact the performance of the candles and slightly change the appearance. We’ll still be pouring the same amount of wax and fragrance into each of our candles, and you should find the net experience to be an improvement over our prior coconut wax.

Here are the differences you may notice as we transition from coconut wax to palm wax:

Candle Performance:

  • Combusts beautifully (as always, if you apply good candle care). Our coconut wax already burns smoothly, but you might notice how impeccably clear the flame is.
  • Burns slowly.
  • Throws scent beautifully, so you shouldn’t notice any change in the scent power of our candles.

Candle Appearance:

You might notice some slight cosmetic differences:

  • More glossy appearance. You might occasionally notice some slight surface cracks and a different way of adhering to the sides of the glass. None of these differences impact the performance of the candle, and as noted above, palm wax’s burn properties are an improvement over coconut wax.
  • Much harder than the coconut wax thanks to its higher melt point. If you’ve ever received a candle from us that melted, that should now be a problem of the past!


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