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Preparing Keap for a Peaceful Holiday Season

The leaves have fully turned & fallen up here in Kingston.

Meanwhile, we’re still settling into our new studio and gearing up for the holiday weeks ahead.

In previous winters Harry and I have found ourselves tensing it up at the thought of the holidays. It has tended to be the busiest time of year.

While that is objectively good, it has often meant we’ve found ourselves fighting “fires”, and feeling overwhelmed. Thanks in large part to our business coach Holly Howard, we have learned that our tolerance for “fires” is equivalent to our tolerance for betraying the vision we have for Keap i.e. fires are a failure of leadership and setting boundaries, not an inevitable part of the holiday season.

So, this year we made sure that we had a plan for the holidays and prepared smartly for it.

We have ensured we have enough wax, fragrance and materials on hand to safely make the number of candles we expect (and hopefully a bit more). We’ve also hired some wonderful new Keap team members to increase our candle-making capabilities (we’ll be introducing our newest Keapees in the coming weeks). 

So we find ourselves feeling more peace instead of tension this November. 

If unexpected things happen, I’ll be asking myself how we can lead through it calmly while keeping to our values of love and long-term mindedness. 


Pictured here is our new studio taken from across the pond that sits just outside. 

We’ve spotted a red-winged hawk, red cardinals, green herons, and heard rumors of an ancient turtle who lives in the muddy waters. 

The pond, like Keap, will continue to adapt in the coming seasons and years, and I look forward to sharing more about that with you as it all happens.


— Stephen from Keap

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