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Loving Within: Valentine's and Self-Compassion

A few years ago, we wrote down the values that mattered most to us at Keap. The first one we came to was “leading with love.” To us, this covered so much of what we cared about: from building kind and compassionate relationships with our customers to the care that goes into the way we make our candles.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed what a powerful, generative force sharing love can be. The more love we share, the more we receive in return.

I have come to believe that love is the cultural antidote we need to put an end to fear, hate, and division. By embodying the care and compassion we wish to see in the world, we really do create ripples of kindness that travel outwards; we can be part of a gentler, sweeter revolution.

I have also learned that in order to share love outwardly, we must begin by loving ourselves inwardly. Our society promotes self-criticism. Yet, taking time to care for yourself is scientifically proven to lower stress, increase your resilience, and deepen your compassion for others.

As we enter the Valentine’s season, I hope love continues to radiate inwards and outwards from you, and that together we can continue building a world full of love.

With gratitude,

— Stephen from Keap

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