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Kickstarter Summer Festival 2016

 kickstarter summer festival


For those of you who missed the event this past Saturday, we took part in the 2016 Kickstarter Summer Fest at Fort Greene Park Park in Brooklyn! The festival featured booths selling food and drinks, games, workshops, and tons of art performances and exhibits.


The participants were all small companies that were crowdfunded through Kickstarter. Rain tried to dampen the party, but exhibitors and attendees all made the best of it–House of Yes’s sunshine-dependent show was cheerfully replaced by an improvised circus performances, and a good time was had by all.

Our booth held a 45-minute candle making workshop: including a short class on the different waxes and fragrances and then proceeded to have every participant make their very own mini Keap candle. Each person decorated their glass with paint markers, bringing out some serious creativity from attendees.

Candle making workshop class brooklyn



Gina and Eunice held up the fort at the welcome desk, with Dan and Harry taking care of the candle pouring station, while Steve put on his professor hat as the head instructor for the course. With the heavy flow of people, the team was always busy at work and could only take a 15 minute break the entire day! The workshop attendees were such a fun and easygoing crowd that the day breezed by; we couldn’t have wished for better students!


Given how things went, we just might start offering candle making classes at our Brooklyn studio! Stay tuned for more news :)

Thanks to everyone who participated!



candle making class brooklyn

candle making class kickstarter

candle making class wax kickstartercandle making class fragrance wax candle making class team kickstarter 

candle making class team



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