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November: Dusen Dusen!

Dear Keapers,

If you've been with us this past year, you might know that each month's shipment came with a matchbox from our 12-month series featuring local artists. That wonderful little project came to an end last month.

So this is the start of an exciting new cycle! For the next 12 months, our little extra is getting an upgrade: we'll be sharing an interview with an inspiring creator that has influenced us, in the form of a beautiful mini-zine; a perfect complement to a candle moment. We're keeping the limited edition matchboxes and upgrading them to 3-inch super matches!

For this first edition, we are incredibly excited to share a conversation between our founder Harry and Ellen Van Dusen, the creator of Dusen Dusen, a delightful Brooklyn-based independent brand designing prints for clothing and home goods. Ellen has made her own rules and seen huge success with her inimitable style. She shares with us a behind-the-scenes of her brightly colored world; from parents to children’s museums, via informercials and accidentally winning a film festival award. 

Read the interview

One fun thing to note that you might not realize is that the zine  and matchboxes were produced entirely in-house by hand. We'll share some videos of the process on our Instagram—it has felt a little bit like back in the day when we figured out how to set up our candle production! 

Let's not forget about our seasonal scent of the month, which many will be excited to see make its return... Wood Cabin! If you're not on the seasonal subscription, you will still be getting the usual. It certainly is deserving of a longer description, but for now let's just say that it's our most warming scent and given the sudden turn to winter, it's what we need right now.

As usual, scroll down for logistical info about your candle subscription. We hope you enjoy this month's scent, and as usual please feel free to get in touch, via email or Instagram.

Keep the fire burning,



November 2017
Ship date: November 16-17
Seasonal scent of the month: Wood Cabin
Ignite Series interview: Ellen Van Dusen

Pro tip: you can skip a delivery or change your preferences in your user area at or by emailing us at

About the Ignite series

We share something new and inspiring every month alongside your candles. The Keap Ignite series is a 12-volume interview series with artists, creators and community leaders that have inspired us. This takes the form of a collectible mini-zine and matchbox in each monthly package. We hope it delights you, and inspires your next creative spark. See the digital versions of the interviews at

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