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Keap Subscription: Changing Your Scent Preference

There are some great benefits to being a Keap subscriber that you might not be aware of — from sending your monthly candle as a gift to a friend, to adding candles to your upcoming orders — as well as lots of flexibility to make your subscription work best for you.

We’ll be updating the blog every few months to keep you informed so you can make the most of your subscription. We’ll start by sharing how to change the scent in your subscription account for your upcoming order. 

Changing the Scent for Your Next Order


You can edit your scent preference at any time within your account for your upcoming order.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Log into your subscription account, and click on the “My Subscription” button. This will take you to the “Home” page in your subscription account. 
  • From the Home page, select the tab called “Adjust Subscriptions”. From here you will select the product tile that shows your next upcoming order. (shown below)

  • Now select the tile called “Variant”. This will allow you to update the scent on your subscription.
  • This update will be confirmed, and after a page refresh you will see your new scent preference reflected.
  • Note: Your new scent preference will stay the same for all future orders until you change it again. If you'd like a different scent each month, select Seasonal Scent. 

If you are looking to do something more complicated such as making a change that you'd like to automatically revert back to your previous scent selection, then we recommend contacting us so we can help set this up for you.

If you need a hand with anything else you can always reach out to us at


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