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Keap Subscription Account Help

Let's go over some things you can do in your subscription account!

1) Updating your upcoming scent selection


In your subscription account choose:

  1. Click "Update" alongside your existing subscription.
  2. Choose "Change Scent Selection" on the next page.
  3. Pick your new scent from the drop down list
  4. Choose "Save" and this new scent selection will be reflected for you upcoming shipment.

This will update your account to a different/specific scent for your upcoming shipment. Note: if your order has already processed it will not update the option for this, and please contact us at to see if we are still able to switch scents for you

You will be reminded of your current scent selection each month prior to subsequent shipments so can always change back to a different preference in future.


2) Adding an extra "One-Time" candle to an upcoming shipment


In your subscription account choose:

  1. "Add Candles" at the lower part of the screen.
  2. Choose the "One-Off" product on the next page.
  3. Pick the scent from the drop down list. 
  4. Choose "Add Candles" and this one-time candle will be added to your upcoming shipment.

If you are looking to do something more complicated than this e.g. sending a one-time candle to a friend as a gift, we recommend contacting us at so we can help set this up in your account for you.

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