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Keap Subscriber Benefits — A Helpful Holiday Reminder

There are some neat benefits to being a Keap subscriber that you might not be aware of, such as getting 10% off all gifts and the ability to add extra candles to your upcoming orders.

In a festive spirit, we wanted to take a pre-holiday opportunity to remind our subscribers of some of these perks in the hope we can save you time, money, or ideally both in the coming weeks.

Sharing With Friends

Using your account, you can send a gift candle, or even another subscription, to a friend or loved one. Follow our step-b- step guide here, or we can help you set up a gift using your account. Send us an email if you would appreciate a hand. One Keaper described the joy of sharing a subscription with a friend:

 “My friend moved away from the city. Now, despite the distance, we have a beautiful monthly ritual of receiving the same seasonal scent and sharing an experience that still connects us together!”


Claiming 10% Off Gifts

As a subscriber, you are automatically able to use a discount code for 10% off any gift-boxed candles at Simply use the code KeaperDiscount at checkout. Note: You will need to be logged in for this to work. 

Adding Extra Candles

You can always add extra one-time candles to your next order at your subscription price. Here are the simple steps to follow. If you ever want a hand with this, just let us know!

We’re always here to help if needed, and have a series of further subscriber blog posts here. I hope these tips were helpful, and I wish you warm and happy holidays ahead!

— Ali from Keap

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