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Keap Candles Featured in The New York Times — Wirecutter's Favorite Scented Candles

We are absolutely delighted to be featured by the New York Time's Wirecutter editors as one of their favorite candles.

Wirecutter is one of the leading independent review resources in the U.S. They chose to highlight our scent Lavender + Petals as their favorite overall fresh and floral candle ("the anti pot-pourri"), as well as Wood Cabin ("a vivid aromatic landscape") as a winter favorite. They also mentioned our Scent-to-Home sample set, our coconut wax and our reusable glass tumbler.

Thanks to the New York Times and Sarah Whitman for the feature 🙏 After starting Keap 6 years ago in a small studio in Brooklyn, we would never have imagined that at this point we'd be picked by the New York Times as one of their favorite candles. It's a true honor.


This candle provides a powerful fragrance, comes in a simple yet high-quality vessel, and offers a great burn time.

Who this is for: Someone who swoons at the scent of fresh flowers, and someone who could use an extra rocks glass for their bar cart.

Why it’s great: The Keap Lavender + Petals Candle smells exactly like you’re walking through a field of lavender with your nose buried in a bouquet of peonies (we’d imagine). Despite the small size of this candle, its fragrance managed to easily fill a room. This candle did well in our wax-melt tests, too: It shed just 9 grams in an hour, giving it a calculated burn time of 23 hours. The vessel has a pleasantly squat shape, and it has some heft to it, whereas most glass containers feel flimsy and cheap. Editor Josh Lyon has had a Keap subscription on and off for several years, and he said he likes to clean out the used vessels and repurpose them as whiskey tumblers (after removing the labels—which come off easily because they use no adhesives). As an added bonus, of all the candles we tested, this one comes wrapped in some of the most heavy-duty packaging—which is entirely plastic-free!—so it’s more likely to arrive intact.

We also loved: We plan to burn the Keap Wood Cabin Candle all winter long (if it lasts until then). It creates a vivid aromatic landscape, with woodsmoke as the focal point and enframed by notes of lush evergreen boughs, freshly cut firewood, and moss-covered bark. You can almost feel the scratchiness of a Pendleton wool blanket draped over your shoulders. Even if smoky scents tend to make your throat itch and your eyes water you might not mind this candle.

Scent notes: lavender, neroli, gardenia, vetiver, cloves
Size: 7.4 ounces
Wax type: coconut
Average cost per ounce: $6.70 (or less with a monthly subscription)

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