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Keap Candles Featured in Real Simple's 37 Best Candles of 2022 for Every Scent Preference

Real Simple included our Wood Cabin candle in a curated guide for all scent preferences. What a way to round out the end of 2022!🥂

Since 2000, REAL SIMPLE has been striving to keep life simple and stress-free. They take pride in providing accurate, reliable, credible, engaging, and balanced information, and they review their content on an ongoing basis to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate. So, of course, we were honored to see our beloved Wood Cabin candle in their comprehensive guide, 37 Best Candles of 2022 for Every Scent Preference.

Thanks to Jen Woo and the REAL SIMPLE team for taking the time to feature us. 🙏


“Keap's Wood Cabin candle instantly transports you to a mountainside trail at the height of autumn with an infusion of juniper, cedar, and wet moss. Keap typically makes its candles out of regenerative palm wax, but it has temporarily transitioned to using coconut wax. No matter the wax used, the resulting candle burns clean and is made with sustainability in mind. If you fall in love with the Wood Cabin scent, you can join the candle subscription program and receive fresh candles every month.”

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