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Keap Candles Featured in New York Magazine, Strategist — The New, Best Status Candle

We were absolutely delighted to be featured by New York Magazine's Strategist as part of a feature on the new, best status candles.

They highlighted our coconut wax, evocative scents and our relationship with a wonderful selection of New York restaurants and bars such as June Wine Bar.

Thanks to New York Magazine and Anna Polonsky for the feature 💞


Another small company, this time from Brooklyn. Anna Polonsky of the MP Shift, the New York design studio that’s done interiors for the restaurant De Maria and graphics for Ferris, recommends them. She pointed out that Keap’s candles can be found in notable restaurants around town, such as CosmeMettā, and June Wine Bar. “This is a super smart candle company — much more sustainable, natural, and affordable than most big brands,” she says. “Good company to support.” As for the sustainability Polonsky mentions, Keap uses coconut and soy wax. No paraffin and no metal or lead in the wicks. The newer scent profiles are more evocative of experiences than of objects: Hot Springs contains cedar leaves, cypress, and orange blossoms; Green Market has basil, cilantro, and fig leaves.

— The NY Magazine Editors (via Anna Polonsky)

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