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January 2017 Artist: Clark Filio

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Clark Filio Art Keap


In November 2016 we launched a new artist series in combination with our candle subscription.


This curated, year-long body of work features emerging Brooklyn artists expressing their interpretation of “Keep the fire burning” through a collectible matchbox and print. We aim to bring greater exposure to these talented artists, and to share with you something new and inspiring every month.


This month we present the work of Clark Filio, a Brooklyn-based painter whose work draws inspiration from illustration, figurative work, cinema, science fiction, and fantasy art. Clark's diverse color palette and soft brushwork convey a playfulness, which we enjoy. His sense of humor and use of iconic pop culture references tie it all together. His work was recently shown at Emma Geller Green and Interstate Projects in New York.

Our full online gallery can be found here.


ClarkFilio Visions of LancelotClark Filio Back

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