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How Our Community Helped us Rename a Scent

About two weeks ago we asked our community to help us rename a scent for the future.

A few months ago, we received a letter from a larger company alleging ownership of a trademark for candles in the same name as a scent we were selling. We decided to turn this into an opportunity for some creativity and fun, and to have our community of Keapers help us rename the scent!

We received over 500 entries as potential new names for this studious scent. We loved seeing how thoughtful and inventive the submissions were!

The most common words suggested to us by our community.

After a round of voting by those who submitted ideas, we’re excited to announce that the winning name is: Reading Room! We’ll be re-launching Reading Room In November 2022. It will be the same scent, just with a fantastic, community-chosen new name!

Given the wonderful level of creativity and enthusiasm shown, we thought we’d share some of the other popular and fun names we received. So, welcome to the 🏆2021 Scent Renaming Award Show 🏆

The Award for the…

Most Frequently Suggested Words:




Most Frequently Suggested Idea:


=🥉Reading Room

🥈The Study


Ones That Made us Smile:

🥉Prof Stephen in the Study


🥇Glass Case of Emotion

Most Inventive:

🥉A Romantic Evening In


🥇TBR (as in To Be Read)

Actual Libraries Mentioned

🥉New York Public

🥈The Trinity Wren

🥇The Bodleian

With that, before the play-off music begins we’d just like to thank everyone who shared their ideas one last time 💞

To the Reading Room we go,

— Stephen and the Keap team

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