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Get To Know Your New Matches!

This year, we’re debuting a brand new set of matches inspired by the daily rituals Keapers have shared with us.

You’ll likely notice that the matches in your latest subscription look a bit different. We decided to change it up with a playful homage to the daily rituals you have shared with us over these past few years.

Each match features a sweet prompt inviting you to light a candle during a special time of the day. We hope they spark some inspiration and perhaps even a chuckle.

Matchbooks can be notoriously hard to strike, but this new stronger design makes them easy to ignite without needing to flip over the back cover. (Note: if you try to ignite these with the “flip” technique, the result will not be good!) These matches also burn with a steady, very long lasting low flame, which makes these both safer and more useful than typical matchbook matches.

As always, if you need a hand with anything or have any questions, we can be reached at

Keep the fire burning, 

- Ali, on behalf of the Keap team

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