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Founder Friday: Learning From Nature

Each month the owners of Keap reflect on the theme of our Ignite Story, and consider what the topics mean for us as individuals and business owners.

When I was at university in the U.K. I thought I was going to become a chemist. I loved how you could understand the molecular structure of compounds, and then use reactions to create them. It seemed pretty close to magic.

My course encouraged a holistic understanding of the sciences, and so I also found myself studying Animal Evolution and Behavior. Picture watching nature documentaries, but with added theory — it was both awe inspiring and fascinating.

Quite quickly I found myself being pulled in this direction. I felt that by understanding the history and behavior of other species, we could begin to understand the many predilections and foibles of humanity. In many ways this turned out to be true — though humans have created complex societies and instruments, our underlying biology remains remarkably similar to our ancestral neighbors. We are controlled by similar internal rhythms that motivate our desire to eat, sleep, drink, socialize and more.

Me with a smiley Tapir during a zoological trip to Ecuador in 2008.

I mention this as it's something I come back to in life and business often: namely the idea that while things might seem complicated, they are really just the same as ever. 

We have more devices and distractions, but ultimately we’re still going after the same stuff: love, stability, warmth, and fulfillment.

I am reminded to think about what we are looking to create with Keap —a deeper connection in the world between people and nature — and not worry so much about exactly how we’re going to do it. 

I feel calm knowing that we are moving in the right direction. Sometimes the path may seem less clear — is it via Instagram or a new platform? — but ultimately that doesn’t change the outcome we’re working for.

Here’s to our animal friends for all they teach us,

— Stephen from Keap 🐅

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