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February: The smell of an onsen.

Dear Keapers,

In the heart of winter, many outdoor activities become impractical. Every culture has its ways of dealing with the constraints—whether that be through appropriately festive alcohol consumption, winter sports, or through regenerative therapies and practices. 

One such practice that we found particularly inspiring was the Japanese onsen experience. When we came up with the concept for our Hot Springs scent, both Christophe—our master perfumer—and I had recently returned from travels there. We each had jotted down our own notes of what made that sensory experience so pleasant and rejuvenating.


The outdoor Kurokawa onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.


Onsens are more than mere spas, since they rely on geothermal hot springs, which are usually found in volcanic areas of the world (Iceland is another famous such example). The experience is built upon the remarkable idea of laying in water that is naturally warmed by the Earth's hot core. But what makes it particularly relaxing is the distinctly Japanese sense of working architecturally with the surrounding natural context—rather than using brute force to overcome its limitations. 

Many of the facets of the Hot Springs fragrance are reminiscent of a spa experience that might be in many corners of the world, from Swedish spas to Soviet Sanatoriums: think cedar and sauna woods, eucalyptus, honey and lavender. 

In designing the scent we left a little room for a wink to our Japanese inspiration, in particular with the use of hinoki cypress and yuzu lime—one of many fruits, herbs and other fragrant elements used to infuse baths, and a distinctly local one.


 Yuzus bobbing around in a hot spring and—continuing the theme of furry animals from last month—bathing capybaras.


So sit back, relax, and let that Yuzu take you across the world!  


February Ignite Series Interview

For this month's Ignite interview series, we're excited to go back to the place where Steve and I first discussed starting a luxury candle company with a different mindset. Lighthouse is an uncommonly thoughtful restaurant, situated on the street that bears our name: Keap Street.

Naama and Assaf Tamir, the Israeli brother-sister duo at the origin of the place, are steadfast in their dedication to make businesses do better for the world, and are leading by example. Not only was their restaurant the genesis location of Keap, but a lot of their ethos was at the source of our own philosophy of how to do business.

Naama and Assaf Tamir, the owners of Lighthouse.

We went back to the origins, and sat down with the pair to discuss both their optimistic vision for the future, as well as to hear more about some of the fascinating design background to their acclaimed restaurant. 

Our very talented Dan Abary designed another beautiful matchbox for the occasion, which you won't want to miss in this month's shipment.    

As usual, scroll down for logistical info about your candle subscription. We hope you enjoy this month's scent, and as usual please feel free to get in touch, via email or Instagram.

Keep the fire burning,



February 2018
Ship date: February 16-19
Seasonal scent of the month: Hot Springs
Ignite Series Interview: Naama & Assaf Tamir

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