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Ever Upwards As We Go: Learning From Our Community Feedback 🙏

This summer, we asked our community for lots of feedback, spanning subjects like our subscriber zine, our new palm wax, and our entire approach to business; we wanted to update you all on some big decisions you’ve helped us make.

We’ve been so grateful for all the ideas and honest thoughts you’ve shared with us this year. Thanks to this, we've made some recent decisions we wanted to share.

A key focus this year has been our transition to our new, regenerative palm wax. You have supported this change while sharing some issues you’ve experienced with the wax thus far. Considering your feedback alongside some significant internal operational issues we have experienced, we have decided to temporarily transition back to pouring coconut wax while we refine our palm wax formula for long-term success. Our aim is to return to our palm wax once it is at the standard we and all of you have come to expect from us. 

What does this change mean for you practically? We hope it’s fairly invisible! We have started pouring coconut wax candles this week which may yield some temporary delays as we build up stock. That said, we should have all our scents shipping again in the next couple of weeks.

As you can imagine, reverting our wax isn’t a decision we made lightly. However, your feedback and our internal challenges helped us see that a more patient approach would make the most sense. We are a small team striving to build a company that produces a regenerative and responsible product for our community. While the journey isn’t always straightforward, you help us navigate it with your continued support and immense understanding. 🦥

Beyond this immediate shift to coconut wax, you have helped us make some other big decisions this year:

  • 🎨 To adjust our subscriber zine to help reduce waste, and switching to an art card and online content access for subscribers. 
  • ✂️ To prioritize the upcoming launch of some Keap wick-trimmers, so we can offer a more convenient way to care for your candles in keeping with our candle-burning tips
  • 🧑‍🔬 To conceive of the forthcoming launch of a Keaper Lab for those subscribers who want to get more involved in helping us develop new scents and products in 2023. We’ll launch this soon, and those who join will be directly involved in our future product development, e.g. receiving samples of scents in development.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued feedback and support. You are critical in making Keap a better company and helping us lead with our purpose while staying nimble as a living and breathing group of nine folks looking to make better candles. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Keap the fire burning,

— Stephen, Harry, and the whole team

The Keap team having lunch in Kingston

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