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This week has felt momentous. Voices have risen in unison to call for a lasting change in our society: we the people, want a system that is racially just, equitable and prosperous for all, and we want it now. 

As a small business, we have been taking action to protest, sign petitions, write letters and make donations. However, acting only in response to this moment is not a long-term strategy, and racism will still be alive and well come July. 

So Harry and I have been asking ourselves, “What will we still be doing next month?”

We have a guiding force as a small business: to prioritize connection to the natural world, our loved ones and our own spirits. This is why we started Keap in the first place: to foster deeper connections, not just make candles.

Our candles are a physical representation of a dream we have for a better future. Speaking out on important topics, and particularly those that are at the heart of the current disconnect in our society, is a part of why we exist. Without racial justice, we will remain disconnected, from each other—and from ourselves. In fact, our current systemic injustices, be they environmental, economic, LGBTQ+ or otherwise are all inter-connected. Identifying and standing against our broken, degenerative systems is part of our connective purpose.

So, we will start connecting these dots in a tangible and ongoing way: each weekend we will use our instagram account to highlight a movement helping build the future we believe in. We will highlight leaders and organizations building these movements, as well as providing actionable steps to support them. Our aim is to commit ourselves to action, to amplify their work, and connect you to their stories.

This moment is teaching us to be more tangible and more vocal in our support of the regenerative future we believe in. This is just an initial step and we’re excited to learn and do more.

Keep the fire burning,

— Steve from Keap

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