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An Upcoming Change to our Scent Offerings: How this Affects your Subscription

Details about a change to our upcoming scent offerings, starting March 31st.

Last week we announced our plans to begin offering only two scents per month, the month’s Seasonal Scent and Wood Cabin—starting March 31st. (See more information about the change and why we are making it.)

If you are currently subscribed to Seasonal Scent or Wood Cabin as your on-going monthly scent, nothing is changing for you. 

If you are currently subscribed to a scent that is not Wood Cabin or Seasonal as your on-going monthly scent, starting April 1st your subscription will be automatically updated to Seasonal Scent. You’ll still be able to switch to Wood Cabin instead of Seasonal, but all the other scents will no longer be available until their featured seasonal month. 

We know this is a big change so we’re offering a couple of ways for you to be able to stock up on your favorite scents before they run out. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Until March 20th, you can add or edit your March subscription shipment to any scent. 

(One note to keep in mind: If you schedule a non-Wood Cabin or non-Seasonal charge to occur after March 31st, come April the scent will be automatically switched to Seasonal.)

After March 20th, you will be able to pick between Wood Cabin and Seasonal at any time in your subscription. 

From March 20th to March 30th we will feature any remaining scents still in stock on the website for anyone to purchase during a Last Chance sale. 

As a reminder, you can always switch your subscription between Wood Cabin and the Seasonal Scent or skip your order if you prefer. If there is a note in your account that you do not wish to receive the month’s Seasonal Scent, we will ship Wood Cabin by default. 

I know this is a big change and you’ll likely have questions. As always, I’m happy to help, just reply to this email or email us directly at


Ali + the Keap team

Below is a list of the upcoming scents to look forward to for the rest of 2023!


Hot Springs    


Wild Figs


Grapefruit + Yuzu    


Green Market


Cotton Magnolia




Isle of Jasmine


Lavender + Petals




Reading Room


Wood Cabin



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