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2021 Holiday Shipping: A Note on Shipping this November and December

An important note on holiday shipping this year to ensure your gifts arrive on time.

This year, much of what we wrote last year about holiday shipping is still true: November and December will likely see significant delays in shipping. 

Between delays in receiving raw materials due to ongoing global supply chain delays and severely backed-up mail carriers, 2021 looks to follow in the footsteps of 2020. Particularly challenging and unanticipated delays are likely. Coupled with time-sensitive delivery dates for our customers, this can create a recipe for disappointment.

This holiday period, for your peace of mind, we suggest the following advice for online shopping:

  1. Plan on orders taking two full weeks to arrive at your door. We will typically ship within a few business days, and the postal service will do their best to deliver within three days nationwide, but by preparing for the worst we can hope for the best.
  2. Let us know if your orders are time-sensitive before ordering. We will give you a sense of what’s possible and do our best to prioritize shipping accordingly.
  3. Complete all your holiday shopping early this year! By ordering early, you’ll avoid anxiously fretting over something arrives in time — and please some candlemakers in the process. Even our best guarantees are not surprise-proof. Ordering early is your best chance to receive your orders when you'd like them.


Thanks for understanding,

— The Keap Team

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Candles, mid-production at our Kingston, NY studio.

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