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Hospitality and Retail Sales Lead (Full-Time)

The Sales and Partnerships Lead’s goal is to sustainably grow our portfolio of wholesale and hospitality partnerships. They play a central role in helping get the word out about Keap as well as creating networks of collaboration and support that make our business more resilient.

Schedule: 5 days / week of which 1-2 days in our Kingston studio and the rest on the road
Starting Pay: $75,000 per year + commission (% of sales)
Location: Based in Kingston, NY, covering the Hudson Valley, NYC and the Tri-state area

About Keap

Keap is a company that makes candles—at the core, Keap facilitates a reconnection to the natural world, our loved ones, and our own spirit. The candles blend the scents of acclaimed master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel with a regenerative approach to materials and packaging. We make all our products in-house in our Kingston studio.

The company has been featured in leading publications such as the New York Times, Dwell, and Architectural Digest.

We’re a small, caring team in the early years of a long-term journey to build a company that will benefit generations to come. 

We’re looking for kind, thoughtful, self-reliant, problem solvers to join the team and not only build long-term relationships but also inform the direction of our company and culture. If you love scented candles, are passionate about regenerating our planet and believe this job description suits you, we would love to hear from you.

Who this might interest

This is a unique opportunity to join an ambitious, long-term oriented company with a strong sense of place and a mission-driven ethos. We are looking for a proven salesperson who is genuinely passionate about our products and purpose, who loves to build relationships in person, and who get us results. 

In this role, you will be leading our efforts to scale our hospitality and wholesale business. You will be reaching out to leading independent chefs, restaurant operators, hotel managers, boutique owners, museum shop curators, and more. If you are passionate about service, hospitality, and design, you will be well surrounded!

Besides building these relationships, you will be looked to for guidance on how we improve our sales systems and strategy. You will operate in an environment that thrives on strong decentralized systems, allowing team members to operate with freedom and collaborate with openness.

This role is unique within Keap in that success directly opens up new opportunities for us to invest more—including in you. You will play a pivotal role in the trajectory of Keap over the next few years. If the thrill of helping our team win appeals to you, read on!

In this role, you will . . .

... be the first and main face potential partners associate with Keap. You will work closely with our company founder, our Storytelling & Community and our Production & Logistics team, to develop sales strategies that enable us to expand our long-term relationships with aligned partners.

You will be mostly “on the road” in our local region, meeting with owners and operators of relevant independent hospitality and retail establishments. You will become the person they all know and want to spend more time with, because they enjoy being around you and because you bring them insights and value in other ways—ultimately, because you value their relationship.

You will be required to be in Kingston 1-2 days per week and in the regional area, including NYC the rest of the week. This is for a person who loves to travel locally!

You will lead adjustments to our strategy to make sure we are reaching out to the most apt prospects. You’ll help us tailor our messaging to meet the needs and expectations of these customers. You’ll be getting results: closing deals and establishing new, long-term partnerships.

You will help us improve our backend systems so that they don’t get in the way of you spending time with clients. This is what we mean by Sales Lead. You are making sales, and you are also leading our efforts to make us better and better at Sales.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct market research to identify emerging trends and opportunities.
  • Develop targeted sales strategies for different sectors and regions.
  • Identify potential wholesale and hospitality customers, including boutiques, restaurants, hotels, spas, and other relevant venues.
  • Evaluate the needs and potential of each lead to determine suitability, through in-person visits, via phone or other methods to assess potential fit.
  • Negotiate terms, close deals and successfully convert qualified leads into ongoing, loyal customers.
  • Engage in significant local travel, primarily in NYC and the Hudson Valley, to meet potential clients.
  • Manage sales activities and maintain client relationships through our CRM system.
  • Develop and implement strategies for customer retention and personalized solutions.
  • Collaborate with different teams to align sales strategies with business objectives.
  • Train and oversee wholesale reps.
  • Participate in training and professional development programs.
  • Attend industry events for networking and relationship building.
  • Uphold ethical sales practices and stay informed about market dynamics.
  • Perform other related duties as needed, adapting to evolving business needs.

What we’re looking for

  • Commitment to embodying our Values, to:
    • Lead with Love - We lead with empathy and treat those we serve in the same way we would wish to be treated.
    • Be Long-Term Committed - With every decision we make, we aim to do what is right for the sustainable, long-term good of our customers, community, ourselves, and the planet.
    • Be Intellectually Rigorous - We seek to be both teachers and students in all that we do, always humbly looking for further improvement.
  • Proven ability in engaging strangers fearlessly and with exceptional conversational skills, coupled with a deep sense of empathy and a genuine curiosity about people
  • Strong interpersonal skills, good judgment and capacity to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Team player and strong sense of collaboration
  • Very strong time and self-management skills and discipline, strong sense of initiative
  • Sense of humor and ability to foster joy within the workplace
  • Appetite for thinking about systems and how to make work progressively simpler, easier and less wasteful over time.


  • At least 5 years of door-to-door sales or similar experience, working with independent boutiques and/or hospitality; proven track record of bringing on new long-term clients at a high rate
  • Prior experience working in a small business preferred
  • Completion of Dale Carnegie Sales course or similar preferred
  • Availability to work 5 days/week with flexible hours to accommodate operating hours of client and prospect businesses
  • Availability to attend 3-4 meetings per week and come in for other events and meetings during planned schedule on-site hours at our studio in Kingston, NY 
  • Ability to use, maintain, update, and improve systems documentation, including on Keap’s digital systems
  • Excellent email writing skills and ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders in the English language, verbally and in writing through Slack and email
  • Excellent computer skills, including but not limited to ability to learn and use tools such as Coda, Slack, Chrome browser, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Gmail, and more
  • Excellent numeracy; and high proficiency with spreadsheets
  • Ability to work effectively with Senior-level leaders and staff; must also be able to manage own workload independently
  • Drivers’ license and vehicle to travel independently to locations across the Hudson Valley, and ability to take other forms of public transportation to NYC

How to apply

Please email your application to with the subject “Sales and Partnerships Lead.”

Be sure to include:

  • Your resume
  • A note explaining your suitability and interest in the role
  • Influential Books: Share titles and authors of two books that have significantly shaped your understanding of sales and marketing
  • Contact details for three professional references

We look forward to your application and the possibility of you joining our team!

Keap is an equal opportunity employer. As part of our commitment to fight for equality, we work to ensure a fair and consistent interview process. We celebrate diversity, and we are committed to an inclusive work environment.

This position is full-time, and based out of our studio in Kingston, NY. The baseline schedule is Monday through Friday, roughly 8am-4pm. We expect a majority of the time in this role to take place off-site, and will align with you on scheduling practices to allow you to be most effective. You will ultimately be in charge of designing an optimal schedule for yourself each week. 

Note that as part of your onboarding you will make a recommendation for how we structure your bonus structure so that aligns with the interest of Keap.

All permanent Keap employees receive a generous PTO policy from day one (5 weeks per year for full-time employees), $200/month towards healthcare expenses or insurance premiums, major candle benefits, and more. We’re always working to improve our pay and benefits and will continue to increase these as our company grows.

Keap is a Public Benefit Corporation, and our ultimate vision is to restore balance to humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Making amazing candles is what most people know about us, but we measure our success as a company by our progress on that greater aim.

We are sorry that we cannot respond to each applicant individually. Due to our small size and the large volume of applications we receive, we are only able to respond to candidates who best match the qualifications of our open positions. The process can take some time, so we appreciate your patience.

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